PRP Wins Big at Louisville AdFed High School Marketing Challenge

Students Kelly Hasselbach [12th], Trevor Gibson [11th], Taylor Gray [10th], Brittany Auvil [10th, Malik Alleyne-Jones [10th], and Sydney Doyle [12th] won first place in the 13th Annual AdFed High School Marketing Challenge and received an honorable mention for best website.

Congrats to PRP Creative, a team of six Pleasure Ridge Park High students, who won the top prize in the 13th annual High School Marketing Challenge Competition, sponsored by the American Advertising Federation – Louisville.

PRP Creative initiated a social media campaign on Twitter, Facebook, tumblr, and YouTube, and they created posters, print ads, and a Web site. PRP Creative coordinated support from fellow students, administrators, and PRP’s talented Step Team to offer a flash mob during lunch. The team wins a trophy and $800—and the attention of marketing and advertising professionals throughout the region.


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