PRP Designs for VANS Custom Culture!

GroupFinal_PRPCheck out the amazing shoes PRP students created for this year’s VANS Custom Culture contest! To start, designs were developed as part of a class project. Students used templates provided by VANS and generated designs using Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. Designs were required to fit one of four themes: Art, Music, Local Flavor, and Action Sports [surf/skate; not stick and ball]. When all designs were complete, classes voted to select their top choice in each category.

In mid February, our four blank pairs of VANS arrived, and the painting began!! A team of about twenty students completed the final designs, under the art direction of the students whose designs were chosen. Shown here are the results of their efforts, Thanks, VANS for this awesome opportunity!

[Clockwise/Left to right]: Action Sports [Shark designed by Matthew Warner and Isaak Anderson, Surfer designed by Rebecca Wayne]; Local Flavor/Balloon Race designed by Stephanie Dennison, Horse designed by Rebecca Wayne; Art/Jessica Gant; and Music/Bluegrass designed by Kristin Kiper


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