Students Earn Industry Certifications

AdobeCertsPicThis spring students trained and tested to complete their Adobe Certified Associate exams. The ACA certification validates basic, entry-level skills in digital communication, creation, and design using Adobe tools. The state of Kentucky requires Graphic Design Pathway students to pass two Adobe certifications, using Adobe InDesign [Page Layout software], Photoshop or Illustrator. I’m pleased to report that the following students passed at least one Adobe Certification this year:

Johnathan Frech [Photoshop & InDesign]
Annabelle Arnold [Illustrator]ACA-2
Courtney Goff  [Photoshop]
William Mason  [Photoshop]
Kaylyn Wade  [Photoshop]
Aaron Probus  [Photoshop]
Haley Hagan  [Photoshop]
Alexis Manookian  [Photoshop]
Brianna Caumissar  [Photoshop]



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