Equipment Contract

PRP Equipment Checkout Contract / Ms. Webb  T112B

  1. You accept full responsibility for the safe and speedy return of all equipment.
  2. Equipment must be returned in the same condition it was in when you checked it out. All equipment will be good working order when you check it out.
  3. All equipment must be signed out by Ms. Webb and must be checked back in to Ms. Webb. This Equipment Checkout Contract Form must be used for each piece of equipment borrowed, and must be signed by the person taking responsibility for the equipment
  4. You must know how to use the camera or other piece of equipment you are checking out. A competency test may be required for the camera.
  5. All camera neck straps or wrist straps must be used to prevent dropping the equipment. Never carry a camera without the neck strap being around your neck. Repair bills on dropped or bumped cameras are usually over $300 and you are responsible for any damage to the camera while in your possession.
  6. Do not get water, beverages, dirt, or your lunch on the camera. Do not carry it unprotected in your backpack. Always replace the lens cover when not in use.
  7. Never force or turn or wind any part on a camera; any amount of force will probably seriously damage internal parts.
  8. Do not lend any of the camera equipment to anyone else. It is checked out only to you!
  9. Never attempt to repair equipment yourself and never remove any parts.
  10. Do not use the self-timers on the cameras without special permission. Incorrect use of the self-timer often results in a jammed shutter.
  11. Camera equipment must be in your immediate possession at all times. Do not leave equipment in lockers or automobiles. You lose it~you buy it!

I agree to assume financial responsibility for the equipment my son/daughter has checked out. I will pay for any repairs needed, due to negligence, when the equipment is in my son or daughter’s control. I also agree to pay for, or replace with comparable equipment, any items lost or stolen while in my child’s care. I understand that my child’s grades, transcript and diploma will be held until this debt is paid.




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