Advanced Production Design

Design is a plan for arranging elements in such a way as best to accomplish a particular purpose.
::: Charles Eames

Layout & Graphic Design [VCC 230 / Course ID #480327]  1 credit

In this course, students will learn the elements and principals of design and learn to apply them in their work, using industry standard Adobe CS [Adobe InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator] using state-of-the-art Apple computers. Students will learn graphic design strategies for creating consumer ads, multipage documents, magazine layouts, package design, posters and books; learn the basics of print production, color theory, copywriting, proof reading and essential workplace skills. Students in this class will also plan, design and prepare the PRP Pulse for printing; assuming active roles as editor, photographer, designer, proofreader, typesetter, and team player.

This course introduces students to the elements and principals of typographic design including selection of type styles, fonts and methods of type selection, traditional layout, design and prepress techniques. Students will build skills for the art of typesetting and typographic layout, expressive typography and conceptual thinking. Working on real-world assignments, students will develop a series of solutions, addressing all aspects of the design process. Students will develop a working knowledge of Adobe software, learning to transition smoothly between each program. Proofreading and proofreaders marks will be addressed, along with prepress and production requirements. Students will participate in the design process from initial concept development to the finished product.

This studio course is for advanced level design students seeking real-world experience in the field of Graphic Design. Students participate in a wide array of projects working with clients within the local and regional community. This course serves as a “co-op within the classroom,” in which students meet with clients to identify project goals and outcomes, and then work on teams to solve visual communication problems. Using an agency model, students rotate roles to quickly gain skills in a variety of areas; preparing them for the workplace and beyond.

Advanced Production Design is a required elective for students in the Graphic Design Career Pathway, and should be taken Junior or Senior year.



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